BAR MERCADO is hiring experienced Line Cooks., Atlanta

Bar Mercado is a Spanish Tapas restaurant apart of Castellucci Hospitality Group located in Krog Street Market.We are seeking hard working and passionate line cooks.
Applicants must have
- minimum 2 years fine dining experience
- full availability to work weekends
- knowledge of fundamental cooking technique
- able to maintain clean and organized work station

* Open interviews are conducted Tuesday-Friday from 2-4pm. Please bring a copy of your resume

compensation based on skill and experience

Avoid Scam Tips: Don't wire funds (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.), Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders, Don't make payments using gift cards (iStore, Visa, etc.), Beware of identity theft. Don't share your private info, Use caution when accepting relay calls from the hearing and speech impared, Avoid shipping and escrow & Avoid deals that are too good to be true.
: Bar Mercado
: Commission based
: Atlanta , atlanta
: Full time
: 8 hours
: 2019-10-10
: 2019-11-10
: All
: Not required
: Not required
: 79

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