Real Estate Administrative Assistant, Atlanta

We are seeking a dynamic Administrative Assistant to join our real estate brokerage team! This is the perfect fit for someone who would love an opportunity to become a Real Estate Agent and/or Investor. If you meet the qualifications below please submit your resume for review. If we feel it is a good match we will contact you.


Plan and schedule appointments and events
Greet and assist onsite guests
Answer inbound company telephone calls
Develop and implement organized filing systems
Perform all other office tasks
Cold call real estate agents for recruiting purposes 
Create marketing materials for social media 
Social media management 
Email marketing
Real estate lead generation 


Previous experience in office administration, sales or other related fields
Ability to prioritize and multitask
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
​Strong organizational skills
Strong marketing skills
Experience with cold calling
Knowledge of FB/IG & YouTube Advertising
Real estate license is NOT required
Must pass a background check

Avoid Scam Tips: Don't wire funds (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.), Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders, Don't make payments using gift cards (iStore, Visa, etc.), Beware of identity theft. Don't share your private info, Use caution when accepting relay calls from the hearing and speech impared, Avoid shipping and escrow & Avoid deals that are too good to be true.
: company
: $9 per hour
: Atlanta , atlanta
: Full time
: 8 hours
: 2019-09-26
: 2019-10-26
: All
: Not required
: Not required
: 51

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