Chemist needed, Atlanta

Small manufacturing company seeks chemist. Areas of responsibility will be:

Support quality assurance program by assuring that testing is performed and documented properly
Test samples returned from customers
Assist in developing new products

Will consider part-time or full-time interests.

This position does not require significant prior experience.

The position requires either a BS in Chemistry, an AS in Chemistry and 2 years experience, or someone with 5 years of chemistry experience.

Avoid Scam Tips: Don't wire funds (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.), Beware of fake cashier's checks and money orders, Don't make payments using gift cards (iStore, Visa, etc.), Beware of identity theft. Don't share your private info, Use caution when accepting relay calls from the hearing and speech impared, Avoid shipping and escrow & Avoid deals that are too good to be true.
: Small manufacturing company
: based on experience
: Other Jobs
: Atlanta , atlanta
: Full time
: 8 hours
: 2019-09-14
: 2019-10-14
: All
: Not required
: Not required
: 74

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